Casual barista / front of house

A position has opened up for a casual barista to work weekends (Sat + Sun) as well as 1 - 2 weekday shifts per week. As we need someone to hit the ground running, we’re looking for someone with 2 years previous experience in hospitality and making coffee. Experience brewing and selling a range of specialty coffee is a bonus, but for the right candidate will not be necessary as we can provide on the job training. For the right candidate there will be opportunities for more hours and increased responsibilities as our business expands in the future and we move into roasting our own coffee.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Be able to make coffee both independently during quiet times and as a team on the machine when busier.
  • Be able to consistently texture and split milk.
  • Be able to consistently pour appealing coffees.
  • Be able to dial in coffees to a set recipe and adjust said recipe and grind throughout the day to ensure the coffee is tasting good.
  • Be comfortable handling money and interacting with customers.
  • Be able to run coffee and food quickly and efficiently (carrying 3 plates / saucers when possible).
  • Be able to keep the shop / their workstation clean and be willing to help with general closing & cleaning duties (such as cleaning the bathroom, mopping floors, doing dishes etc).

As above, although not necessary, we will look favourably on applicants who:

  • Be able to consistently pour Latte Art.
  • Have experience working with a range of specialty equipment, such as ek43 grinders, pressure profiling espresso machines, acaia scales etc.
  • Have experience dialling in and brewing up a range of single origin coffees from multiple roasters, across both espresso and filter / batch brew.
  • Have experience selling and talking to customers about specialty coffee topics and helping them decide on purchases (of both beans and equipment).

Please email your Resume, Cover Letter, a bit about yourself and any other queries to:

We will try to get back to everybody within one business week of contact.